What is the nature of a golden retriever?

Golden retrievers are known as great family pets because of their sweet, playful disposition. Goldens are intelligent, friendly, kind, athletic, and eager-to-please. These pups like exercise -- taking walks, playing fetch, chasing sticks. They do like to chew and carry items in their mouths, but they are a highly trainable breed.

What are common issues with golden retrievers?

Goldens are active dogs, and a common ailment is elbow or hip dysplasia, which often occurs in middle age. Cancer and eye issues sometimes occur in this breed, as well as some skin conditions (cysts, allergies, lumps).

We breed our goldens from the highest quality of health in order to improve the breed overall, and provide a one-year health guarantee on all of our puppies.

How do I prepare for having a puppy?

It’s a good idea to think through the logistics of having a new puppy before you bring your new pet home. A few things to consider:

Having a crate or pen ready for your puppy is a good idea, as well as food/water dishes, training treats, toys, a leash and collar. You may want to research veterinarians in your area and set up a first check-up for your puppy as well.

What kind of food should I feed my golden?

Joint health is important with goldens, so focusing on a nutritious diet for your pup is a good idea. When choosing a food, look for brands that have high protein (chicken, turkey) and low amounts of filler (corn meal, rice flour, seed hulls). Quality food will also contain nutrient-rich vegetables, such as peas and potatoes.

Do you ship puppies?

Yes, we have several options for shipping. There’s a gentleman in the area that will deliver to your home, or meet you halfway for $0.75 per mile (round trip). We can also fly puppies out to you with the airline. This cost will vary some depending on the destination, size and age of the puppy, and the amount of time that we have to schedule, but typically, the cost will be around $400-$500 in the United States. We have flown puppies to Florida, Colorado, and California, and have had people from many neighboring states drive here to pick up a new companion.