We are so happy with the sweet dogs we have purchased from you. Ashbury's Lady Jane (Lady) is the one on the left. She passed a difficult test to become a Therapy Dog and she is sweet tempered, intelligent and best of all loves and protects my grandchildren. On the right is Miss America's Piper (Piper) They are both from Milo and Bella. She is also sweet and highly intelligent. Both of these dogs are beautiful and strangers come up to us and tell us so. Most people ask what kind of dogs they are because English Cream's are rare in Western NY. The little guy in the middle is Goldenrush Lad (Lad). He is the smartest pup I have ever known and young as he is has learned how to sit, lay down, stay, come, and of course knows what "Who's hungry?" means! He is confident and so very sweet too. All three of these beautiful dogs are wonderful with my Grandchildren, which is why we got them to begin with. Lad is from Henry and Jewel's litter. Thanks Alexander's Goldens for these wonderful pups!

Hi, I just wanted to give you an update on Danny now Cruz. He is doing wonderful! He is now 55 pounds. We adopted a female Golden at the Tuscarawas County Humane Society about a week and a half after we got him. She is blind in one eye and they are the same age! They get along really well together. He isn't fond of stairs or crossing over threshholds and she helps him that way. She cannot really fetch, as she cannot see it well, but he can....and does....and then the chase is on and they run all over our backyard together (we live on 2.5 acres). They live to go out and run and chase and roll all over. He loves doing somersaults as well....he is quite comical, too. He has been such an easy dog to train and is extremely intelligent! Thank you so much!
- Wendy

We have had Oakley (brady) for 2 months and are sooo happy he's part of our family!!!

This is Rocket (Zeke from Sadie's litter). He is such a wonderful dog! He is calm, playful when it is playtime, and gentle as can be. He is adored by so many even though we've only had him for 3 months. He walks with the kids to school every day and it is like he is a pop-star. Kids come running to see him and the tail wagging is non-stop! Thank you for breeding this wonderful pup!
- Christina

Thank you she is amazing and I already love her so much. I did change her name to Lily. She hasn't had any accidents in the house, she goes outside. I just leave the backdoor open for her. Lexi is going to take a little bit to warm up but she is watching out for her. Thank you again.
- Debbie