Our Team

Our goal at Alexander’s Goldens is to stay as far away from a puppy mill or overcrowded kennel scenario as possible. We’ve given it some thought and think that we’ve come up with a pretty cool model that gives us the ability to produce well bred Goldens that receive individual attention. There are 4 siblings (Allen, Mark, Marnita, and Marion), and one friend (Preston) that have joined forces to bring the art back into breeding Golden Retrievers. Since we all live on different homesteads in the same area, it allows us to work together, but have much fewer dogs and puppies to watch over and care for. Our adults can run around our properties like a family pet, and the puppies get all kinds of attention. Here’s a brief glimpse into our lives.

Allen + Martha

We live on two beautiful acres in Walnut Creek, OH, where we have been blessed with four children: Bethany, Hosea, Eva, and Heather. Our kids love to play with our puppies and we guarantee that they are well socialized before they arrive in their forever home. Our female Goldens are Twinkie, Starlight, and Bella, and our male is Milo.

We have been raising Goldens for several years and would love to bless your home with one of our well-loved pets.

Marion + Annie

Marion is currently married to the girl of his dreams, and he says that she is probably the only thing he enjoys being around more than his Goldens. Currently, he works at Hiland Wood Products and has been working as a craftsman for seven years. He lives in the rolling hills of Walnut Creek, OH with his parents and Goldens. Marion is committed to providing satisfaction and would love to answer any questions you may have.

Duane + Marnita

Duane and his wife, Marnita, live in the hills of Holmes County, OH on 9 acres of land. They share the property with Duane’s parents, three golden retrievers, two kittens, and two horses. Duane works for his father at a furniture manufacturing business, and Marnita has the pleasure of working at her dream job: taking care of their dogs: Henry, Jewel and Sparkle. Duane and Marnita enjoy spending time with their family, camping, fishing, playing with their baby puppies and going to church.

Mark + Miriam

Mark, his wife Miriam, and daughter Emma Raine son Asher Harrison live in southern Wayne County, Ohio. Mark spends his days working for a bedroom furniture company while Miriam takes care of their home and Emma & Asher. The couple owns two adult English Creme Golden Retrievers, Chloe and Lexi. We began breeding Chloe in 2016 and Lexi came from her first litter. Mark and Miriam love taking care of and spending time with the puppies.